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Vietnam by Car

Tour Vietnam by Car

It can be very difficult to sort through all the information and decide what destinations you would like to visit, especially if you want to get away from mainstream tourism and get off the beaten track. Riptide tours is now offering custom built tours by car that can take you almost anywhere you might want to travel within Vietnam whether it be amongst the mountain tribes of the Central Highlands, or a specific location of interest. Why purchase a set tour package when for about the same cost, you can design your own itinerary using your private car?

Our Goal:

For the past 6 years we have been very happy to provide a quality “easyrider” tour experience by motorcycle however, there are many who would prefer to travel in a more comfortable manner. We now are pleased offer the same “easyrider” experience by car or combination of car and motorcycle. It is our intention to provide you with the most authentic “Vietnam experience” possible. Your host “Owee” is very experienced in arranging and leading tours throughout Vietnam and can offer perspective and information where local guides fall short. Whether is a visit to former battle zones, experiencing primitive lifestyles, or simply traveling by car between tourist destinations, it is out mission to make your Vietnam experience as pleasant and informative as possible.

Our Services:

We will pick you up at most destinations and escort you based on your own custom built itinerary. You may elect to do the main tourist routes such as Saigon, Mui Ne, Nha Trang, Hoi An, and Hue but we can travel to those destinations away from the main highways enjoying the local scenery. You may also wish to travel routes where seeing another traveler is very rare. Out of the way destinations that we often visit are Dong Xoai, Gia Nghia, Dalat, Buon Ma Thuot, Lak Lake, Tuy Hoa, Quy Nhon, Quang Ngai, Pleiku, Kon Tum, Kham Duc, Phong Nga and others. It is up you you and your desires. Our tours include breakfast, lunch, accommodation, and most sightseeing fees. You only need look after dinner and drinks. When you tour Vietnam by car, any destination is possible.

We currently use 4 and 7 passenger vehicles but larger sizes are available. Our friends and partners ( V’Explore Travel) can provide excellent services such as Halong Bay and Sapa tours or a Mekong excursion or even Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar holidays so you can conveniently plan your own custom vacation with our help.

Your Host:

20130220_131936 (Medium)Owee (Owen) maintains a blog at He and his wife Mai currently own the Riptide Nha Trang homestay and formerly were the operators of the highly successful Tide Hotel. Owen is fully licensed and legal for Vietnam operations and has the general ability to communicate in Vietnamese. Owen has a very good understanding of the Vietnamese countryside and people but as importantly, he understands how visitors think making it possible to satisfy more of your expectations. He began by guiding tours for friends and family in 2009 an in n 2010 Owee had a returning American soldier contact him to help find a missing friend. That was the first venture into deep out of the way places and it never stopped. Since then Owee has lead 100’s of tours to places that have never seen foreigners often to an end point where a person can relax in a resort to reflect.

Past guests have included American Veterans, Documentary film makers, TV Game show contestants, Professional photographers, and curious travelers just wanting something different from mainstream.

You can contact us as  Advice is always free.

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