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Comments &

Comments & Travel questions can be left on this page. We will do our best to answer all of your comments or enquiries.

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  1. Jennifer

    What is your relationship with Vexplore? Are you one company or do you work together? Thanks!

    • Owen

      The owner and sales manager are my best friends and I honestly beleive in their service. (I started as a satisfied customer) We are seperate but cooperate with each other. I have known them for years and have recently added my skills to aid them in marketing, new product and tour design, and as a bridge between east and west. The RipTide is separate and totally independent of V’Explore. We will do everything possible to make your Nha Trang or Central highland experience the best it can be, and when it comes to all Indochina destinations, V’Explore will aid me….. or I them to provide quality and unique tours that nobody else offers. We both rely on our reputations. It is a win win situation for both of us.

  2. Anand Patel

    I went in the countryside tour today with Tien, which Owen organised for me. A thoroughly enjoyable day, Tien really looked after me and answered all questions I had. He made the day as pleasant as carefree for me as possible. As for the tour itself, some really interesting stops including villagers houses and farms, fishing villages, and interaction with locals. Definitely a winner, and well worth the money.

  3. admin

    Happy you had a good time. Sorry I was already booked and could not guide you myself 😉

  4. Isabelle

    Thank you so much Owen for organising this awsome 6 days High Country tour. I saw and learned so so much, was very happy with my driver Hau who went the extra mile to make it an unforgettable experience. And seeing the other Easy Riders, I can only say: your tour is different and probably as you say the best.! The bike was comfortable with the backrest and Hau drove so safe that I never had to hold on to it like others, just could relax and enjoy the scenery. I also enjoyed the couple of days driving with you up and down the coast. And lucky me, could stay at your faboulouse homestead and enjoy Mai’s cooking. Good luck to you both for your new venture.

    • admin

      It was a pleasure Isabelle… New memories to cherish 🙂

  5. Naomi

    Hi there,
    I’m just planning my trip to Vietnam now and would love to do a one day motorcycle ride somewhere. I’m confused as to where you are located. Are you close to Hanoi, Saigon, or somewhere else?

  6. Drifter

    I think the Riptide will be every bit as popular as the Tide Hotel was. Great location, easy access, beautiful views from the terraces and spacious accomodations. Wish you all the best in “keeping it real” in Viet Nam. Can’t wait to be LTD as you are….”Living The Dream”!

  7. Alexander Kerekes

    It is without any reservation whatsoever that I would recommend Owen as an “Easy Rider” motorcycle tour guide. His services are custom designed according to client wishes and executed with knowledge, skill, and accuracy. In my case we not only visited ancient Cham sites, but located Vietnam era Landing Zones, firebases, and former military installations. I will add that I am a filmmaker and Owen’s skill in traversing the landscape was definitely an asset.

    Regarding the Riptide it is clean, efficient, guest friendly, and located in a local neighborhood within walking distance to an ancient Cham temple and bus stop. Without a doubt I would rather stay at the Riptide than a hotel in the “tourist” strip.

  8. admin

    Looking forward to the movie Alex. Thanks

  9. Ed/Larry

    Words aren’t enough to say how Owen and Mai went far above what would be expected of such wonderful people. After understanding exactly what My interests were, Owen and Mai decided that Owen should take his couple of much needed rest days between tours to take me on a special 2 day tour. It was exactly what I needed to see and experience. I will be returning as soon as I can sell everything here and start a new life in Vietnam.
    Riptide Homestay is always kept very clean and well maintained, Mai’s cooking is “ngon lam” and Owen has always given me honest and wise answers and advice, not always what I wanted to hear but what I needed to know so that I could make wise decisions as to my future plans.
    I will be returning to Riptide Homestay, Owen and Mai to begin my new life.
    If your are looking for those who are concerned about what you are looking for and will design tours according to your wishes then Owen and Mai are the people to see, and if you are looking to experience the real Vietnam then the Riptide Homestay is the place to stay.
    I had such a wonderful time and I have already been back in the States way too long; 2 days now.
    I could go on but that would not come close to you actually spending time with Owen and Mai.
    A forever grateful friend, “What’shisname”

    • admin

      Blush Blush. Thabks Ed. Hopefully you find what you are looking for.

  10. Yvonne

    Dear Owen

    Trying to plan a trip already booked flights 19th Jan for 22 days starting in Hanoi ending in Saigon headaches with all the information available think we will go up to Sapa then back to Hanoi then travel down do you have any suggestions on what not to miss thinking if visiting Nha Trang we would like to stay at your hotel. Any help will be appreciated. Visiting Vietnam is my dream want it to be successful as I had to persuade my hubby.

  11. Gayle

    Such a great place to stay away from the horrid tourist area. The easyrider tour you took us on through the highlands was fantastic. I will be recommending your toura to anybody I know going to Vietnam.

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