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About us

Why we are here

Against the advice and warnings of others, we started 6 years ago by opening the TideTide Hotel Hotel in an area where few foreign tourists ventured. Within 1 year of operation, we became one of the most popular budget hotels on Trip Advisor and many other websites and publications. Due to reasons beyond our control, we were sadly forced to close the hotel. We still wanted to provide those travelers who want to experience authentic IMG_20131225_101836 (Large)Vietnam and not the mass tourist experience with a place to go. The RipTide Nha Trang Homestay and apartments is our vision and solution to the closure of the Tide Hotel and probably where you will get the  most autehentic experience of local life. The Riptide Homestay offers a traveler an experience away from the main tourist areas commonly known as “Backpack areas”. In the neighborhood you will find many local street food stalls, and be in close proximity to some of the best and most famous seafood restaurants in Vietnam.

Our Goal

We truly want you to have an enjoyable stay experiencing authentic Vietnam away from the chaos and confusion that is the tourist area. Riptide Homestay will provide you with the best quality stay with the best quality services and tours. We are not driven by commission….. but by reputation, and for that reason alone, we guarantee all the advice and tours we offer will be of high standard. The RipTide can not only provide you with quality tours and services locally, but throughout Indochina as we are partnered with V’Explore Travel and the tour services they offer are amongst the best available in Asia.


P1020604 (Small)We are a new and different place to stay in Nha Trang. Following travel guides will have you end up in a small but very commercial tourist area.  Nha Trang has so much more to offer than that small world. We are away from that where you will find no late night glitter and drunken parties (even though it is a short taxi ride away). The only night life here is local Vietnamese places that are closed by 10 pm or lounging on one of our multiple decks interacting with like minded guests. No hamburgers, KFC, or expensive westernized restaurants. Here, you are in “real” Vietnam. We are in an area with many of the best seafood restaurants available in Nha Trang. Thap Ba street has dozens of excellent street food venues and an unnamed street next to it has some of the best seafood  in the city.  Local markets, downtown, and the beach is just a short ride or 15 minute walk.

Our location boasts the Nha Trang University and 3 other colleges. It is an area full of coffee shops, restaurants, and romance…. a totally different experience from what the travel guides and Internet forums offer.

We can arrange any tour of service that the travel guides offer, however, we will NOT sell you a tour that we think is not quality. Your 1st class experience is also what we are about.